Tycon Capital is a real estate investment company that focuses on sourcing, developing and stratifying multifamily residential projects in Vancouver.

In a very short time, Tycon Capital has proven itself as the leader in the City when it comes to highly lucrative Multi Conversion Dwelling (MCD) and heritage restoration projects. By combining experience and meticulous research, Tycon Capital is able to offer investors solid opportunities in this specialized area.

 Their team has been investing and developing real estate for over 30 years, they have a refined network of professional contacts who work together to ensure each project runs smoothly throughout the entire process. 

Core Values and Philosophy

“At Tycon Capital, we value transparency. We believe integrity and trust are the essential corner stones when conducting transactions and building foundations for long lasting relationships.  Our philosophy is to always put our best foot foreword, strive for excellence, keep improving and consistently invest in high quality projects.”- Jonathan Clogg, CEO Tycon Capital.